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Sacrilicious is a comic Amber and I did for the UNH school newspaper, "The New Hampshire". It's about Jesus and Satan sharing a dorm room and going to college together. We were inspired to do it because a comic we both enjoyed reading was no longer in the paper and all the other comics were, in our esteemed opinions, utter crap - either they were badly drawn or badly written or both. So we decided that we would, in addition to doing Six By Nine College, do a comic for the paper. That's why, on some Sacrilicious comics, you'll see little notes and also the SBNC website url.
Sacrilicious is, in my opinion, one of the best things I've ever done; it's funny and I still like the art for it, which is something that rarely happens to me. It received good reviews (mostly) from its readers and from my brother, whose opinion I value more than I ought to, so if you don't like it you're obviously a Communist or a ninny. That being said, enjoy!

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